Mr. Guy Holtzman

Mr. Guy Holtzman

CEO and Founder at IVC Research Center

Guy is an accomplished entrepreneur and manager with plenty of knowledge and experience in the world of high-tech and technology investments in Israel. As a previous founder and leader of a number of companies, Guy is extremely well connected in the local and global business world. Guy is an expert in business networking and business development, and possesses a great deal of knowledge on Israeli startups, technologies and entrepreneurs.

Guy founded Keyotta, a boutique executive search firm specializing in headhunting talent for senior level management and other "hard to find" positions in Israel and around the globe.

Before founding Keyotta, Guy was CEO of IVC Research Center, the leading source of business information on Israel’s high-tech and venture capital industries, and was Head of Business Development at Giza Venture Capital, one of Israels leading venture capital funds.

Guy has eight years of experience in investment banking and M&A, having served as VP of Investment Banking at THCG Israel. Guy holds an MBA in business management from Ben-Gurion University and a BA in economics from Tel Aviv University.