Ms. Lauren Selig

Ms. Lauren Selig

Entrepreneur, Investor, Film producer, Game producer, Writer and Philanthropist

Entrepreneur, investor, film producer, Game producer, Entrepreneur, Writer and Philanthropist; Co-Founder. of Shake and Bake Productions , VALIS Virtual Reality and Tangled Little Dragon

Lauren Selig is a founder of Shake and Bake Productions. She is on the board of XPrize and advisor to several companies including galaxy interactive, build a rocket boy games, bold capital partners and formerly an advisor to the IMAX fund and WETA digital. She has produced movies and television including Hacksaw Ridge, Rocketman, Wheel of Time and American Made.

Lauren is a writer, a mom and serves on the boards of Pendrell, the X-Prize, and advises crypto currency companies. Selig is an early investor in several companies including Covaxx, Bulletproof Coffee, Limeade, Deviation Games, Ivanhoe Electric, Diamond Standard and Hashgraph.

Prior to this she served at Martin Selig Real Estate, one of the largest privately held Seattle commercial real estate companies. Lauren was managing member of Microsoft in Platforms Business Development, practiced international licensing for music company Playnetworks, and was a story editor for Dreamworks and Variety.

Lauren holds a B.S. in International relations from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service as well as a JD-MBA in technology management from Northwestern and University of Washington.