The UAE Global Family Wealth and Investment Forum

A window to new friendships and opportunities in the family business world


DC Finance, one of the world’s most prominent family office communities, is excited to announce the UAE Family Wealth and Global Investment Forum to be held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Please join us as we bring together some of the region’s top families and family office executives seeking mutual growth, business ideas and support.

A special mission of high net worth family members, major family business owners, and entrepreneurs from the US, Canada, EU, LATAM and Middle East will be joining the UAE and GCC family business community at this historic event.

We believe this Forum, as was done by DC Finance in other global destinations, will become an exceptional meeting place for family offices and high net worth family members from all across the region and the world, who will enjoy discussions about cutting edge technology, family business next generation and other related topics.

The speaker line up will include family members of Silverstein, Spielberg, Desmarais, de Gaspé Beaubien, Sheraton, Paiz, Mars, Sharp (Four Seasons), Perdue, Levine (Founder Waze), Moran (Inventor of the Disc on Key that sold for $1.7B to SanDisk), Gilbert, Strauss (one of Israel’s most prominent families that will also lead and moderate a family panel) to name but few.

Three steering committees from Middle East, the US and the UAE comprising of prominent families, world-renowned entrepreneurs, thought leaders and strategic associations, are working on building the conference’s program.

The conference will be promoted on social media where DC Finance has over 30,000 followers and on weekly online sessions. Since March DC Finance has held weekly family office sessions with some of the world’s leading families, thought leaders and entrepreneurs and will dedicate several of these sessions to promote the event and the region by interviewing key entities and prominent business leaders in the region.

Speakers include:


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